donderdag 22 december 2011

Alone but not lonely at LACF: The Single Singers!

Whenever I visit a festival alone I have mixed feelings. I enjoy the concerts and workshops very much but..... I want to be on stage myself! I want to sing! Not just listen! That’s why I’m so glad that Annemarie Homan (Dutch friend living in Italy) came with this fantastic idea of creating the “Single Singers”. For all vocals coming to London A-capella Festival without a group. Together we spread this idea on twitter and facebook. And during the last six weeks people have started to join our group. How great is it that we managed to create an international group of 20 professional and very experienced singers. Now, during London Acapella Festival 2012 I’ll be able to sing and perform myself! And not just with anybody.... So proud that we’re going to sing, among others, with ex-swingle and current member of The Magnets Jes Sadler (London), Hans Cassa of Montezuma’s Revenge (Holland), Tor Martin Antonsen from Apes&Babes (Norway) and Cory Slutsky, owner of Voices Only (US). And so nice of the organisation of LACF to give us performance-time on Saturday evening, right after the Swingles-concert!

We selected the songs we’re going to sing and the sheetmusic has just been distributed on dropbox, so we can start rehearsing! All individually behind our own pc’s from our own homes around the world. Just printed the scores. I love discovering new music, figuring out the voice I’m going to sing, working on the hard parts till I get them right.... Can’t wait to get together in London to put all these beautifull voices together. Have to study now!

Emily May 't Hoen

Hope to see you in London at our performance, January 14 at 10.00 pm!

Emily May ’t Hoen
Alto in the ‘Single Singers’

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